Payment Methods


European legislation on payment services (PSD 2 applicable since January 2018) may restrict the use of payment charges for specific payment methods. You can find more information here.

For a store owner, choosing a payment service provider (PSP), online service for accepting electronic payments by a variety of payment methods including credit and debit cards, is an important decision.

Read the article "Payments" to learn about all payment types supported by Sana and payments logic.

In Sana Admin click: Setup > Ordering & checkout > Payment methods.

On the Payment methods tab you can create different payment methods and connect them to the payment provider you are using.

Payment provider is a service that allows to accept credit/debit card payments securely online through your web store.

Sana connects to different payment providers across the world. All payment providers are available as add-ons which you can install in your Sana web store. To check all payment providers supported by Sana, see "Payment Services".

You must have an account (test / live) of the payment provider that you will use with all the necessary data, configure and enable the payment provider in Sana Admin and create payment methods that are supported by your payment provider.

Create a payment method

Step 1: In Sana Admin click: Setup > Ordering & checkout > Payment methods.

Step 2: Click New item to create a payment method.

Configuration of the payment methods is almost the same for any payment provider. The only difference is in the Payment provider field and payment provider specific settings.

The table below provides the description of the general payment method fields.

Field Description
Name Enter the payment method name.
Enabled Enable or disable payment method. Payment methods can be also enabled or disabled in the payment methods list.
Image Select the payment method icon. It is shown in the Sana web store on the Payment information checkout step, near the payment method name.

You can add a description to the payment method. Payment method description is shown in the Sana web store on the Payment information checkout step, near the payment method name.

   Payment method description is not shown when One step checkout is enabled.

Selected by default If this checkbox is activated, this payment method will be selected in the web store by default.
Payment provider Select your payment provider. Some of the payment providers contain the additional settings that may appear.
Payment costs Set up the payment costs per currency. Select the currency and enter amount including and excluding tax. Depending on the customer setting in your ERP system (Prices including VAT/TAX) the appropriate amount will be used.

    If payment cost is 0, the text "Free" will be shown, meaning that no extra fee is charged for online payment. The color of the text is green by default, but you can change it in the web store theme settings.
Price ranges Set up the price ranges per currency. Select the currency and enter the minimum amount or maximum amount, or set the amount range.

Different payment service providers (PSP) have their own rules and limitations. Some PSPs limit the order amount that can be transferred from a customer to a merchant.

For all orders below the minimum amount and above the maximum amount (outside the configured range), the payment method will not be shown on the Payment information checkout step in the Sana web store.

These settings are optional.
Customer segments

Assign customer segments. Using customer segments you can filter payment methods. If you add a customer segment to the payment method, then this payment method will be available only to the customers that meet the criteria set in the customer segment. Other customers will not see this payment method.

This way you have more flexibility in setting up availability of different payment methods based on various data from Sana and ERP, for example country, customer's balance, payment terms, etc.

For example, if you create a customer segment which includes customers from the United States and assign this customer segment to a payment method, then only the customers from the United States will be able to pay orders using this payment method in the Sana web store.

If you assign a customer segment to a payment method, then you will see the icon  on the Payment methods page. This way a user can see an overview of all payment methods on a page to which customer segments are assigned and don't need to check the settings of each payment method.

For more information, see "Customer Segments".

While placing an order in the Sana web store a customer can select delivery method, payment method, add reference number and comment. Once the order is placed, all this data will be saved to the sales order in the ERP system. For information on where you can find this sales order data in ERP, see:


There are two system payment methods in Sana: "On account" and "Zero". These payment methods are not shown in Sana Admin and it is not possible to edit them.

The "On account" payment method can be used by B2B customers if this option is enabled in Sana Admin: Setup > Ordering & checkout > Ordering > Online order payments.

The "Zero" payment method is used automatically when the total cost of an order is equal to 0.

There is also the Internal (on account) payment provider that is not configurable in Sana Admin, but it can be enabled or disabled. Unlike the system on account payment method you can create and configure payment methods with the assigned "Internal (on account)" payment provider. The payment method of the "Internal (on account)" payment provider is shown in the web store and can be selected by a customer.

Translate payment method name

On the Payment methods tab, you can also select any available language in the dropdown list and enter the names of the payment methods in the selected language. When you translate the payment method name to any language, you can also change the icon of the payment method.