Sales Agreements


Microsoft Dynamics GP does not support sales agreements.

Sales agreements are available only to B2B customers and sales agents.

Companies that sell products in bulk usually have more complex and long-term sales agreements with their customers. A sales agreement is a contract that commits the customer to buy products in a specific quantity or for a specific amount over time, in exchange for special prices and discounts.

You can set up sales agreements in your ERP system:

The prices and discounts of the sales agreements override other prices and discounts, for example sales prices and discounts or trade agreements.

Business customers can see all available sales agreements and their details in the Sana web store. A customer can place an order based on the sales agreements that he or she has with the merchant triggering all the terms and conditions in the ERP system. A customer can also combine the products from the sales agreements with those that do not relate to any agreement in one sales order.

To enable or disable sales agreements for B2B customers and sales agents, log in to Sana Admin and click: Setup > Ordering & checkout > Ordering.

Sales agreement limitations

Here are some limitations that you might need to know if you are going to use sales agreements.

  1. Sales agreements work with the Default order processing strategy only and are not available if you use one of the following strategies:
    • Optimize for fast ordering
    • Optimize for large orders
  2. B2B customers cannot edit sales orders created using sales agreements.
  3. Sales agreements are not supported for quotes.
  4. Sales agreements are not available when Sana is in the maintenance mode.

Sales agreements in Sana

Depending on the ERP system your Sana web store is connected to, there could be slight differences.

If sales agreements are available for a customer in the ERP system and they are enabled in Sana Admin, then they will be shown on the My Account page in the Sana web store.

Only one sales agreement can be applied to a shopping cart. If you want to use several sales agreements, you will need to create multiple orders.

Customers can search for the sales agreement by its number. Using the Active only checkbox, customers can see only valid sales agreements or all available.

Below you can see descriptions of the available sales agreement statuses.

Status Description 
Active The sales agreement is valid and can be used by a customer. 
On hold

    Available only in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

The sales agreement is waiting to become valid, or the agreement is no longer used. 

Closed  The sales agreement is completely fulfilled by the customer.

Click View details to see the information about a sales agreement and its terms (sales agreement lines). All details of the sales agreements and their lines are taken from the ERP system.

A customer can search for a sales agreement term (line) by product number, product name, agreement term number, product category number and name.

Each sales agreement term (line) contains information, like how many units of a product a customer committed to buy or commitment amount, a discount percentage a customer will get, if he or she buys a certain quantity of a product or products for a certain amount, as well as product or category ID and name, product unit of measure, location (warehouse) where the product is stored and shipped from, also shipped, invoiced, released and remaining quantity or amount.

A customer can also check the validity period of a sales agreement and its terms (lines).

A customer can check and apply a sales agreement:

  • On the Sales agreements page. You can open it from the My account page.
  • On the details page of a particular sales agreement. When you add a product to the shopping cart from the sales agreement details page, the agreement will be automatically applied to it.
  • On the product details page, if there is a sales agreement for this product.
  • In the shopping cart. There you can open the list of all sales agreements, see the sales agreement that has been applied to the shopping cart, remove it, change, view details and change the sales agreement term for each line.

When a customer applies a sales agreement to the shopping cart and if no sales agreement term is selected for the sales order line, he or she can select it by clicking Change next to the Agreement term field below the sales order line.


If you use Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, your customers can apply sales agreement terms automatically to all sales order lines by clicking Apply terms automatically. Microsoft Dynamics AX takes the first sales agreement term that meets the conditions and assigns it to the sales order line.

A product should satisfy all requirements of a sales agreement, otherwise a customer will not get an agreed discount or special price. For example, according to a sales agreement a customer can get a discount, if he or she buys a certain product in pieces. In case a customer buys this product in a different unit of measure, the conditions of the sales agreement will not be fulfilled and a customer will not get the agreed discount. A customer will not be able to use the sales agreement also, if its currency differs from the currency of the customer.

When a customer applies a sales agreement to the shopping cart and places an order, information about the sales agreement that is used will be shown in the order details.

A customer can see the sales agreement ID that was applied to the sales order and the agreement terms that were used for each sales order line. It's possible to open the sales agreement and its terms that were used for the order and check the details by clicking on the links.

A customer can return products purchased based on sales agreements. When a customer creates a return order from the invoice, he or she will see the agreements applied to the sales order lines.