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Sales Blanket Agreements

A sales blanket agreement is a long-term agreement between a merchant and a customer. It is typically made when a customer has committed to purchasing large quantities of products that are to be delivered in several smaller shipments over a certain period of time.

A sales blanket agreement could be used, for example, if a customer places an order of 1000 units of an item, and he or she wants the items to be delivered in 250 units every week over the next month.

Customers can use sales blanket agreements created in SAP Business One in the Sana web store. Sales blanket agreements can be used in Sana only by B2B customers and sales agents.

On the Sales agreements page, a customer can see all sales blanket agreements available to him or her and create an order based on the agreements that the customer has with the merchant.

A customer can see all the details of the available sales agreements by clicking View details.

This information is taken from the sales blanket agreement in SAP Business One.

To allow your customers to create sales orders based on the agreements stated in the sales blanket agreement in SAP Business One, you need to enable the option Sales agreements in Sana Admin: Setup > Ordering & checkout > Ordering.

For more information about how to use sales blanket agreements in the Sana web store, see "Sales Agreements".

Sales agreement limitations

Here are some limitations that you might need to know if you are going to use sales agreements.

  1. Sales agreements work with the Default order processing strategy only and are not available if you use one of the following strategies:
    • Optimize for fast ordering
    • Optimize for large orders
  2. B2B customers cannot edit sales orders created using sales agreements.
  3. Sales agreements are not supported for quotes.
  4. Sales agreements are not available when Sana is in the maintenance mode.

Create a sales blanket agreement

In SAP Business One click: Sales A/R > Sales Blanket Agreement.

When you create a sales blanket agreement, it is necessary to:

  1. Select a business partner (customer) in the BP Code field with whom you have sales agreements and to whom the products will be shipped. When you select the business partner, SAP Business One will retrieve information about this business partner from the master data.
  2. In the general area, in the Agreement Method field, select Items Method. Sana does not support the Monetary Method.
  3. In the general area, enter the Start Date and End Date. These dates determine the period when the agreement is valid.
  4. In the general area, in the Description field, enter the title of the agreement. It will be shown in the Sana web store. If you leave this field empty, only the sales blanket agreement number will be shown.
  5. On the General tab, in the Agreement Type field, select Specific. Specific blanket agreements are used to track fulfillment of terms to obtain a special discount for the individual sales transaction. They are also used to determine a delivery schedule, for example, by defining at which intervals which quantity of goods should be delivered.
  6. On the General tab, in the Status field, select Approved. A customer can place an order based on the sales blanket agreement only when it is approved.
  7. On the Details tab, create separate lines for each sales agreement you have with your customer. If you double-click on an item line, you can specify the details of a delivery plan for the item, for example the intervals at which the item should be delivered, and the period when the agreement is valid for the item.

You can fill in all other fields of the sales blanket agreement the way you need.

By default, it is possible to create only one sales blanket agreement for business partners that is valid within the same period. If you want to create multiple agreements for a business partner that will be valid within the same period, in SAP Business One click: Administration > System Initialization > General Settings. On the BP tab, enable the option Allow Multiple Blanket Agreements for Same Period.

When a customer creates a sales order based on the agreement, it will contain all the lines from the sales blanket agreement. There is a link between the sales order and the agreement from which it has been created.

When the sales order is delivered and invoiced in SAP Business One, the remaining, released, delivered and invoiced quantities will be updated in the sales agreement details. Thus, a customer can always see the up-to-date information of his or her sales agreement in the Sana web store.

When all agreements stated in the sales blanket agreement lines are completely fulfilled by the customer (all items are shipped), the sales blanket agreement will be closed, and the customer will not be able to create another order based on the sales blanket agreement.

For more information about how to create sales blanket agreements, read the official SAP Business One documentation.

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