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Import/Export Add-on Data

In SAP Business One click: Web Store > Setup > ServicesImport/Export Add-on Data.

Use the Import/Export Add-on Data window to export and import the data of a Sana web store in SAP Business One. In other words, using the export procedure you can back up Sana specific data. All data is exported to the XML file.

It might be useful if you have a beta environment with the Sana add-on running where you manage different data and test the Sana web store. If you want to migrate this data from beta environment to live you can simply export any required data and import it to the live database.

This functionality might be also helpful, for example, if you need to reinstall the Sana add-on for some reason. In this case you can export all web store data, remove the Sana add-on, and import it back when the Sana add-on is installed.

Using the import/export add-on data functionality there is no need to re-enter manually already existing data on a new database or when you need to re-install the Sana add-on.

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