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Bill of Materials

In SAP Business One you can create such type of a product which is called Bill of Materials (BOM). It refers to the complex component structure, basically this is the list of materials or components which is used to build the final product and from which this product actually consists. For example, a customer is looking for a computer and he or she wants to see the list of hardware the computer consists of. SAP Business One can store a lot of different spare parts that are used to manufacture a product which are actually not intended to sell. These spare parts can be also a part of the complex product structure.

Enable bill of materials

In SAP Business One click: Web Store > Setup > Parameters > General Settings.

To show bill of materials and its components in the Sana web store, make sure that the option Enable BOM is selected in the Sana parameters. You can also use this setting to disable bill of materials globally, if you do not want to show bill of materials and its components in the Sana web store at all, for some reason. In this case bill of materials available in your system will not be returned to Sana.

Create bill of materials


Sana supports bill of materials only of the "Production" type.

In SAP Business One click: Production > Bill of Materials.

Use this window to view, add and modify a multilevel bill of material.

In the Bill of Materials window you can see all components from which the BOM item consists. Your SAP Business One system can store bill of materials, but if you don't want to show their components in the web store, because this information, for example, classified as commercially confidential, you can easily hide any component or all components.

To make a BOM component visible in the Sana web store, enter Y in the field Visible in Web Store. If you do not want to show a BOM component in your web store, leave this field empty.

By default, Sana displays the inventory of the parent BOM item on the web store, meaning the number of complete or finished items will be displayed.

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