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Online Customer Registration


When a customer registers online in the Sana web store, a business partner will be created in SAP Business One. Data from a customer template assigned to a country in SAP Business One is used to create a new customer (business partner).

In the web store, on the Creating a new account page, a customer enters only his or her personal information, like name, address and shop account credentials.

All other data, like currency, invoice discounts, tax information is copied from the customer template assigned to the country in SAP Business One. Therefore, you must set up the necessary countries and customers templates required for customer registration. For more information, see "Countries".

Confirmation e-mails are the first line of official communication that a business has with customers once they have registered in a web store. By creating an account in your web store, your customers will receive the welcome e-mails. The New Shop Account e-mail template is used to send a welcome e-mail to a customer. For more information, see "E-mails".


A welcome e-mail is sent to a customer after registration starting from Sana 9.3.2.


Customer (Business Partner) Types


Applies to: Sana 9.3.1 and higher

There are several business partner types in SAP Business One - Company, Private and Employee.

When a new customer registers in the Sana web store online, you can decide which type of a business partner should be created in SAP Business One. Sana can create business partners of a Company or Private type.

To set up customer registration type, in SAP Business One click: Web Store > Web Stores. In the Web Stores window, on the General tab, select New Customer Registration Type.

If you create business partners of the Private type, then along with the business partner, the contact person will be created. If you create business partners of the Company type, then the contact person will not be created.

Registration Form

In Sana Admin, the administrator can allow and forbid customers to register online in the web store and change the customer registration form. Click: Setup > Customer > Registration fields.

You can set up those fields which a user must fill in to register in your web store. For more information, see "Customer".

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