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Customer Assortment

As a web store administrator, you can offer an optimized assortment of products to your customers. Offering the best mix of products is essential to customers' satisfaction. This way a web store administrator can optimize the catalog with products that appeal to all customers as well as products targeted to the individual customers.

Use the Customer Assortment window to specify which items should be shown to the individual customers or customer groups in the web store or hidden.

In SAP Business One click: Web Store > Customer Assortment.

The table below provides description of the fields in the Customer Assortment window.

Field Description
Customer Type Specify for whom the rule should be set.

Available sales types:

  • Customer
  • Customer Group
Customer (Group) Code Select a specific customer/customer group.
Type Filter Select whether a rule should be applied to an item or item group.
Item (Group) Code Select the item or item group with the assigned items, depending on the selected type, which should be shown or not available to a certain customer or customer group.
Mode Determine whether a specific item/item group should be available/not available to a specific customer/customer group set in this record.

Available modes:

  • Allow
  • Deny
Web Store    Applies to: Sana 9.3.1 and higher

Select a web store.

If you have multiple web stores, you can set up customer assortment rules for each web store separately.

If you leave this field empty, the customer assortment rule will be applied to all web stores.


All products which are added to the Customer Assortment table are customer specific. This means that they are shown in the web store only to the customers set in the customer assortment rules.


Limitation: If a customer or customer group is listed in any of the deny rules, the following customer/ customer group will not see an item/ item group from this rule, even if there is another rule which allows to see it.

For example, there is a customer group for which a certain item is denied. And there is another rule, set for an individual customer from this customer group that says that the item that is denied for the customer group is allowed for this specific customer from the group. In this situation the rule which allows to see the item for a specific customer from a customer group does not override the rule which denies an item to be shown to the customer price group. Therefore a customer still will not see an item.

In Sana Admin there are three customer assortment modes: Complete, Additional and Customer specific. You should select the one which is appropriate for your catalog setup. For more information about customer assortment settings in Sana Admin, see "Customer Assortments".

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