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Sales Document Dates Mapping [On-Premise]


Applies to: Sana for SAP Business One on-premise

Any sales document in SAP Business One has different dates, for example the date when the document is created, or the products are to be delivered to a customer.

These dates are also shown in the sales document details in a Sana web store.

We noticed that in different projects sales managers sometimes want to show various sales document dates not the way as we show them by default in Sana. Sometimes they even want to show some dates from one sales document in another document, for example the document date from the sales quotation in the details of the sales order that has been created from this quotation.

To meet the needs of our customers, we provide date mapping, where you can set up the date fields of the sales documents in SAP Business One that you want to show in the sales document details in the Sana web store.

Set up date mapping

Step 1: In SAP Business One click: Web Store > Setup > Services > Configure Mapping > Date Mapping. When you open the Date Mapping window, you will see the default mapping of the date fields between Sana and SAP Business One.

Step 2: Select the Sana Document Type for which you want to set up date mapping. This is the list of all sales documents shown in the Sana web store.

On the left, in the Sana Field Name column, you can see all sales document dates shown in the Sana web store.

Step 3: Select the Marketing Document (sales document in SAP Business One) and the SAP Document Date for the selected Sana Document Type and the required Sana Field Name.

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