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Configure ChargeLogic

When the ChargeLogic Connect payment provider is installed it should be configured in Sana Admin. To configure the ChargeLogic Connect payment provider and payment methods you should have the ChargeLogic Connect test/ live account with all the necessary data.

Set up the ChargeLogic

Step 1: In Sana Admin click: Apps > Add-ons. When the ChargeLogic Connect add-on is installed, you can configure it from any tab on the "Add-ons" page by clicking on the Configure button .

Step 2: Configure the payment provider by entering the payment provider specific settings of the test/ live account.

The table below provides the description of the ChargeLogic Connect payment provider fields:

Field Description
Store No./Username The Store No./Username which is provided by ChargeLogic.
API key/Password The API Key/Password which is provided by ChargeLogic.
Application ID The Application ID which is provided by ChargeLogic.
Require CVV If set to "Yes" then the Card Verification Value (CVV) field will become mandatory for input on the ChargeLogic payment page.
Default value: No
Require Finalize If you enable this option, orders will not be created on the ChargeLogic Connect Portal, but only transactions. If disabled, both will be created.

When ChargeLogic Connect is installed and configured you can set up the necessary payment methods in Sana Admin that are supported by ChargeLogic Connect.

For information about how to create and configure payment methods in Sana Admin, see 'Payment methods'.

Test the payment/checkout flow to see if everything works fine using the created payment methods and the correct payment statuses.

When everything is done and tested, keep an eye on the payment log in the following days to be sure that everything is configured correctly.

Payment ServicesChargeLogic Connect