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Set up MultiSafepay Account


When the MultiSafepay payment provider is installed, you should configure it in Sana Admin and create the MultiSafepay account. To configure the MultiSafepay payment provider and payment methods in Sana Admin, you should have the MultiSafepay test/live account with all the necessary data.

Before integrating with the MultiSafepay account, you should complete the following prerequisites:

Step 1: Create the MultiSafepay Sandbox account.

When the account is created, you will receive a letter with your login details to the e-mail address you entered. Use the information in this letter to activate your account.

Step 2: On the MultiSafepay Dashboard click:  Settings > Website settings. On the Website settings page click the button Quick add website. Fill in the necessary information to add a new website.

Step 3: Click: Settings > Payment methods and enable the payment methods you are going to use. By default only the payment methods listed in the Standard payment methods section are available. If you need to add any additional payment methods, please, contact MultiSafepay integration team by e-mail

Step 4: Click Settings > Payment pages to personalize the payment page.

Payment ServicesMultiSafepay