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Sana Commerce 9.3
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If there are any issues with paying orders through PayFabric:

  1. Check whether you entered the correct values for the following parameters in the PayFabric configuration section in Sana Admin and in the correct format. These values are case sensitive.
    • Device Id
    • Device Password
  2. Check whether you entered the correct gateway account name in the payment method settings in Sana Admin. It must be the same as the one on the PayFabric portal.
  3. When copying some PayFabric field values to Sana Admin, check that there are no leading and trailing spaces.
  4. Check currencies setup of the payment gateway you are connected to through PayFabric.
  5. Check if there are any errors in the payment log in Sana Admin.
  6. When updating the add-on to a new version, it is better to restart the webstore. Otherwise orders may be cancelled while the payment was successful. Please contact your Sana Commerce representative to restart the webstore after updating the add-on.
Payment ServicesPayFabric