Sana Commerce 9.3
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Configure Payment Methods

When the WorldPay payment provider is configured in Sana Admin, you need to set up the necessary payment methods supported by WorldPay.

Set up payment methods

Step 1
: In Sana Admin click: Setup > Ordering & checkout > Payment methods.
Step 2: Under the Payment methods tab, create and configure the necessary payment methods.
For more information about how to create and configure payment methods in Sana Admin, see "Payment Methods" on the Sana help website.

The table below provides the description of the WorldPay payment provider specific fields:

Field Description
Rounding option

Use this option for currencies which do not support decimals to round up/down prices to the convenient numbers.

Possible values:

  • UP
  • DOWN
Hide contact Used to hide/show contact details of a customer on the payment page. By default, contact details of a customer are hidden.
Fix contact If set to false, this causes contact details to be displayed in editable format.
If both "Hide contact" and "Fix contact" are set to "True", "Hide contact" will get the higher priority.
Hide currency If set to "False", this causes the currency dropdown to be shown.
Show language menu If set to "False", this causes the language dropdown to be shown.
Payment type Used to bypass the payment method selection page. If you enable a customer to skip or bypass the payment selection page, then a customer will go directly to the payment page. To enable bypassing, you must enter the payment method code of the desired payment method.

For the payment method codes, see "Bypassing the Payment Selection page" on the WorldPay Support web site.

Test the payment flow to see if everything works fine using the created payment methods.