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What Are the Benefits of Using Sana and Perfion?


Perfion Connector is available as a licensed add-on, which means that Sana charges an additional fee for it. Before installing the Perfion Connector add-on, please contact your Sana Project Manager or your Customer Success Manager. If your Sana web store was not implemented by Sana, please contact your Sana Partner.

Perfion is an out-of-the-box yet highly configurable Product Information Management (PIM) solution that assists retailers, eCommerce businesses, distributors, product managers, marketing and IT professionals in organizing product data in a single tool and distributing them across multiple systems, applications, websites, and channels. This industry-standard PIM solution enables users to have full control over their product data, helping them focus more on launching effective multichannel marketing campaigns rather than wasting valuable time checking for errors, inaccuracies, and inconsistencies in product information.

Perfion integrated with Sana enriches your out-of-the-box web store with valuable product information. Web stores with good and comprehensive product descriptions help to convert visitors to buyers much faster.

Using the ERP system and PIM solution as the source of product data for your Sana web store ensures high quality content. The integration between Perfion, Microsoft Dynamics or SAP and Sana Commerce allows to easily manage the product data and deliver the best catalog to your customers.

The Perfion Connector for Sana was developed by Perfion. Perfion also provides a detail manual about system requirements, installation and configuration of the Perfion Connector for Sana and how Sana works with Perfion. That is why we do not provide detailed information about the Perfion add-on for Sana but only a brief description and how to connect Sana to Perfion. For more detailed information about Sana and Perfion, please refer to the official Perfion documentation. See the links below. If you have questions about the Perfion add-on for Sana, please contact Perfion or your Sana project manager.

Perfion/Sana Connector (official manual written by Perfion)
Perfion Knowledge Base
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