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Which Catalog Data from Perfion Is Used by Sana?

The product data which you set up for your web store once and do not change very often, like product titles, descriptions, images, attachments, etc., can be managed in Perfion and used by Sana. Other data, especially the data which changes often and requires more complex logic for its management, is not retrieved from Perfion but from ERP. For example, product prices, discounts, taxes and stock - more complicated processes are involved to calculate and manage this data, that's why the ERP system is used for this purpose.

Here is the list of product data which can be created in Perfion and used by Sana:

  • Product Titles
  • Product Description
  • Related Products
  • Product Attachments
  • Product Images
  • Product Categories
  • Product Variant Titles
  • Product Variant Images
  • Translations