PIMSana and PIM

Sana and PIM

Sana Commerce 9.3
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When you have a Sana web store, you can maintain product information in both, ERP and Sana. Sometimes, neither Sana nor the ERP system is the right place to manage product information, because:

  • The ERP system does not have the possibility to manage images and attachments.
  • The ERP system is not user-friendly to manage product enrichment.
  • Multiple departments manage product information at the same time.
  • Customers with large catalogs typically use a dedicated tooling for product information.

Here's where a Product Information Management (PIM) system becomes relevant. PIM systems are the single source of truth for product information, such as descriptions, specifications, images and attachments (manuals, certificates, translations, etc.).

In short:

  • The ERP system remains the single source for transactional data, such as sales documents (quotes, orders, invoices, delivery documents, etc.), prices, discounts, charges and taxes, stock and product master data.
  • The PIM system contains consistent product information.
  • Integrating Sana with both systems, ERP and PIM, results in enriched products on your web store, which gives customers an omni-channel experience.
PIMSana and PIM