PIMSana and PIM

Sana and PIM

Sana Commerce 9.3
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What Product Information does Sana Commerce Retrieve from PIM Systems?

Sana Commerce's off-the-shelf e-Commerce platform integrates with PIM systems via a standardized connector. We call this add-ons or extensions which we distribute via Sana Apps. Because Sana Commerce integrates via a standardized connector, customers can integrate with ERPs and with PIM systems at the same time, even if you're on SaaS.

In this article, Sana's out-of-the-box behavior is explained. In brief, products in Sana can be enriched with the information below (depending on the PIM system).

  • Product categories used to build main menu (can be multi-lingual)
  • Attributes used for product specifications, faceted filters and sorting (can be multi-lingual)
  • Product titles (can be multi-lingual)
  • Product description (can be multi-lingual)
  • Product images
  • Product attachments
  • Product relations, such as spare parts, mix & match, accessories

Sana uses the standard ERP connector to integrate also with the PIM systems which is modified by the PIM systems, to add, remove or replace product information.

PIMSana and PIM