Sana Commerce 9.3
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To manage content of the Sana Mobile app in Sana Admin click: Setup > Mobile app > Content.

On the Content tab, you can configure the home page of the mobile application, specify the welcome message and disclaimer information, enable/disable offline mode and import all customers related to sales agents.

The table below provides the description of the content settings:

Setting Description
Welcome message This text box is used to add any message which will be shown when the Sana Mobile application starts up.
Home page banner This is an image which is shown when the Sana Mobile app starts up. Depending on the page orientation two images for the home page banner can be set, one for the portrait orientation and another for the landscape.
Disclaimer information This text box is used to specify the disclaimer information. Disclaimer information is a way of stating the terms under which the users access the application and use the information explaining your obligations and theirs.
Offline mode availability This setting is used to allow the mobile application to run in offline mode. Thus the application can run without persistent Internet connection, behaving just like a locally installed native application. In offline mode the orders still can be handled after which they will be synchronized once online.
Customer import availability (Sales agents only) This setting is used to import all customers related to the sales agents. After the customers are imported they will be available in the contact address book on the mobile device.

Banner image size for iPad:

  iPad 1 and 2 iPad 3 and 4
Width Height Width Height
Portrait image 768 px 1024 px 1536 px 2048 px
Landscape image  1024 px 768 px 2048 px 1536 px