Sana Commerce 9.3
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To configure Web service in Sana Admin click: Setup > Mobile app > Configuration.

The table below provides the description of the Web service settings:

Settings Description
Web service availability This setting is used to enable/disable the Web service.
Web service authorization mode This setting is used to set the Web service authorization mode for the Sana mobile application. Only the users of a certain type specified in this dropdown can be authorized.

Available modes:

  • To all customers and sales agents
  • To B2B customers only
  • To sales agents only
  • To B2B customers and sales agents only
Order processing strategy

There are two order processing strategies for Sana mobile app:
  • Default - This strategy is used for real-time order processing, meaning that all prices are calculated in real-time and the orders are sent directly to the ERP system if there is Internet connection. If there is no Internet connection all orders are stored locally on your device and can be sent to the ERP system when connection is re-established.
  • Optimize for fast ordering - This order processing strategy can be called 'near real-time' as it has an intermediate step (storage) before the orders are sent to the ERP system. When the order is placed from the Sana mobile app at first it is sent to the Sana SQL database. Such orders can be seen by the mobile manager in Sana Admin, checked and sent to the ERP system. At this point the prices are recalculated and the orders are set to the "synced" state. If there are some problems with the order the mobile manager will see the message with the description of what is wrong with the order directly on the order details page in Sana Admin.

    This order processing strategy might be useful if you have unstable Internet connection and you have problems with sending the orders directly to the ERP system or you need to quickly place a lot of orders, which you can easily send all at once to the ERP system from Sana Admin anytime.

For more information on how to manage such order, see "Mobile Orders".

      If you change order processing strategy you should run synchronization of settings from the Sana mobile app to apply the changes.