Sana Commerce 9.3
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Mobile Orders


We stopped developing and selling the Sana mobile application. It was replaced by the responsive design of the Sana web store. There will be no new versions of the Sana mobile app. Our current customers can continue using the mobile app.

Since we still have customers who use the mobile app, we didn't remove the settings used to set up the app in Sana Admin. Starting from Sana 9.3.2, those customers who do not have the Sana mobile app (it is not included into the Sana license) will not see the menu items and settings used for the mobile app in Sana Admin.


Only the user with the Mobile manager and Order processor roles can access the Mobile orders page.

In Sana Admin click: Sales > Mobile orders.


On the Mobile orders page you can see those orders which are placed from the Sana mobile app using the order processing strategy that is optimized for fast ordering.

This order processing strategy might be useful if you have unstable Internet connection and you have problems with sending the orders directly to the ERP system or you need to quickly place a lot of orders, which you can easily send all at once to the ERP system from Sana Admin anytime.

For more information about Sana mobile app order processing strategy that is optimized for fast ordering, see "Configuration".

When a sales agent places an order from the Sana mobile app and the Order processing strategy is set to Optimize for fast ordering such order is stored in the Sana SQL database and can be seen in Sana Admin. The orders which are not processed yet are with a New order state.

When you open the Mobile orders page only the new orders (unprocessed) are shown, but you can clear the filter to see all orders that are placed from the Sana mobile app using the order processing strategy which is optimized for fast ordering. You can search the orders by customer name or account ID, filter by order date and show only unprocessed orders or all orders. The orders can be also sorted by order date.

The mobile manager can view order details directly from Sana Admin and even delete the unprocessed order if there is a necessity. A real order number and prices will be available only when the order is synchronized and sent to the ERP system.

The unprocessed mobile orders can be sent to the ERP system by running the Mobile orders processing scheduled task from Sana Admin: Tools > Scheduled tasks. When you run this task all unprocessed mobile orders are recalculated and sent to the ERP system. In Sana Admin the state of the mobile orders will be changed to Synced and the mobile manager can see the prices and real order numbers from the ERP system.

It might happen that something went wrong with the order when it is sent to the Sana SQL database or to the ERP system. In this case the error message will be shown on the order details page in Sana Admin allowing the mobile manager to solve the problem.

To update the status of the orders in the Sana mobile app after they are sent to the ERP system you should also synchronize the orders from the app.