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Developer Workstation Installation

Configure the Sana Commerce Roles in NAV

These steps can only be performed with a user who has the Super role or Security role in the NAV administration. The reason for this is that only these users can grant access to other users. This is done to set the NAV database administrators and continue the installation of Sana Commerce.

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV security system allows you to control which objects or tables a user can access within each database. You can specify the type of access that each user will have to the objects and tables, whether they are able to read, modify or enter data.

According to the best security practices:

  • All services that are used for Microsoft Dynamics NAV access must be run on a least-privileged account (not 'sysadmin');
  • The Microsoft Dynamics NAV security system will run when the first login is created. Any user can have full access to perform any transaction in a Microsoft Dynamics NAV database, until the first login is created. Therefore, the first login that is created must be a 'superuser'. The 'superuser' owns and controls access to the database from within Microsoft Dynamics NAV;
  • The 'superuser' must create logins for other users that will have access to the database and give them the appropriate permissions.

Creating Logins and Giving Permissions

How to add Super role to an account that will use the NAV administration:

  • Open the MS Dynamics NAV client and connect to the NAV administration with permissions that have enough rights to allow access to other users (you must have the Super or Security role). Ask your system administrator if you do not have access yourself;
  • Go to 'Tools -> Security -> Windows Logins' and type the windows user account (with the domain name) in an empty row;
  • Click the 'Roles' button at the bottom, find the 'Super' role in the 'Roles' window and select it;
  • Close the windows to finish the setup.
InstallationDeveloper Workstation Installation