InstallationDeveloper Workstation Installation

Developer Workstation Installation

Setup Overview

A Sana Commerce solution consists of a number of parts, that need to be installed and configured during the installation. The following parts are standard Sana Commerce: 
  • Frontend web application;
  • Backoffice web application;
  • SQL database;
  • Sana Commerce NAV service component  (NAV Connector only);
  • Sana Commerce NAV objects (NAV Connector only).
The following areas will be touched during installation:
  • Install the Sana Commerce web applications;
  • Setup the Sana Commerce SQL database;
  • Configure the SQL and NAV connection strings in the Sana Commerce application;
  • Configure e-mail settings, multi-sites, languages and backoffice users in the Sana Commerce application.
Sana Commerce - NAV Connector (Classic environment: NAV 4.03, 5.00, 5.01, NAV 2009 SP1)
  • Setup NAV (optional step);
  • Setup the Application Service for Microsoft Dynamics NAV (NAS);
  • Setup rights in the NAV administration;
  • Install the WCF service;
  • Setup the Sana Commerce NAV objects in the NAV administration.
Sana Commerce - NAV Connector (NAV 2009 Three-tier environment: NAV 2009 SP1)
  • Setup the MS Dynamics NAV 2009 Server and Web Services;
  • Setup the Sana Commerce NAV objects in the NAV administration.
InstallationDeveloper Workstation Installation