InstallationScalable Installation Options

Scalable Installation Options

Scalability Strategies

Sana Commerce supports different scalability strategies. The most obvious one is using multiple servers, which has the advantage that more resources can be allocated for individual Sana Commerce components like the web applications, database and the NAV components. 
Another strategy is to use multiple MS Dynamics NAV Application Services (NAS'es). Since the NAS is used by Sana Commerce to access NAV objects and only has the ability to serve just one request at a time, adding additional NAS'es will increase the amount of concurrent requests to MS Dynamics NAV. 
Since the performance bottleneck of Sana Commerce lies on the NAV side, the use of multiple web servers (load balancing) is not useful and therefore not supported by Sana Commerce at the moment. 
Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 adds the support for the three-tier architecture. In this architecture, there is still a database and client application present, but now the special server layer runs the business logic. In this case the NAV client only interacts with the user and shows the user the results of calculations performed by the NAV 2009 server. Advantages of using the three-tier architecture are improved scalability and enhanced security solutions. In addition, when used the three-tier architecture simplifies the work with Web-services.
InstallationScalable Installation Options