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Shipping Rate by Country

This section allows to configure shipping methods with fixed shipping rates based on the countries and currencies.

To create a new shipping method based on country:

Step 1: In the 'Shipping rate by country' configuration section click on 'Configure' to configure shipping provider.

For more details see 'General Shipping Providers Settings'.

Step 2: Create new shipping method and configure general settings.

For more details see 'General Shipping Methods Settings'.

Step 3: Set the fixed shipping costs for the related shipping method based on the country and currency:

Shipping Rates by Country

Step 3.1: Choose the country for which the shipping costs should be set.

Step 3.2: Determine whether the shipping method should be available or not available for the customers in the checkout process.

If the specific country is listed with the 'Not available' property, then the shipping method will not be visible to the customer of that country.

Step 3.3: Choose the currency for which the shipping costs should be set.

Step 3.4: Set the shipping costs including and excluding VAT per country and currency.

When a customer makes an order in the webshop the appropriate cost is retrieved depending on the customer's settings.

In case of NAV/ AX Connector the appropriate price is retrieved depending on whether the prices including VAT (sales tax) is enabled or disabled for the customer in the ERP system.

In case of SQL Provider, the customers have the property 'Prices including VAT' set to 'true' by default. Therefore, the cost including VAT is retrieved for the shipping cost.

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