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Payment Transactions

ChargeLogic Connect is a payment gateway integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and therefore offers NAV customers a better way to integrate ChargeLogic with e-commerce solutions.

The authorized payments can be linked to the sales orders and sent to Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This link comes from validating the payment transaction ID into the 'Your Reference' field of the NAV Sales Header.

To link the authorized payments to the sales orders you should add a line of code to the Sana Commerce codeunit in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. If you do not have access to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV development environment, contact the person who is responsible for maintaining the NAV environment of your Sana Commerce solution.

Step 1: Open the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Object Designer.

Step 2: Locate the codeunit 11123320 SC - Order/Basket Functions.

Step 3: Select the codeunit and click 'Design'.

Step 4: Add the following code to the 'SaveOrder' procedure (see the screenshot below):

// START, ChargeLogic extension
SalesHeader.VALIDATE("Your Reference",Params."Payment Transaction Id");
// END, ChargeLogic extension

Step 5: Save your changes.

Codeunit 11123320 SC - Order/Basket Functions

Add-ons and ModulesChargeLogic Connect