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Sana Commerce 8.3
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News Items

News items are news messages that are shown on the 'News Overview' page of the webshop.
In case of B2C and B2X scenarios, visitors of the webshop who do not have an account can also read these messages.
In case of B2B scenario, first a customer must log in.
News items can be managed in the 'Content' module of the Sana Commerce backoffice:
News Item
The table below provides description of the news item fields:
Field Description
Title The title of the news item.
URL The news item URL. You should specify the part of the news item URL which will be used after your webshop address.
  • demoitem
  • demoitem/item

'URL' is the required field only for the news items in the default language (English). For the news items in other existing languages the 'URL' field is optional.

Meta title Meta title is shown in the Web browser on a tab of the opened page. If the 'Meta title' field is empty, the title of the opened page and the name of the webshop set in the general settings will be shown on the tab of the Web browser. If you enter a meta title, you can also use the [SHOPNAME] replacement tag. This tag will be automatically replaced with the shop name set in the backoffice general settings.
Meta title and meta description should include keywords relevant to the content of a page. They are read by the search engines but are not displayed on the page. Meta title and meta description are important factors for a successful search engine optimization of your webshop.
Meta description
News item date Enter the date when the news item should be published. The date of publishing is also shown in the webshop under the news item title. The news items in the webshop are sorted based on this date.
Short description A short description of the news item. It is placed near the main description.
Main description The actual news message text.

Use 'Translations' to provide the content of the news items in the languages which are available in your webshop. You can also specify the language-specific URL.

Watch our video tutorial 'Translations' to learn more about translations system.

News Item Box on the 'News Overview' Page
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