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Multibuy Discounts

Multibuy discount is a discount which is activated by a quantity of products sold. You can either define a new unit price or a discount (percentage or amount) when a certain number of items has been sold and set a further discount with an increasing number of items.

To create multibuy discounts:

Step 1: Click on: LS Retail - BackOffice > Offers > Multibuy Discounts.

Step 2: Create a new multibuy discount:

Multibuy Discount

Step 3: Under the 'General' FastTab fill in the 'Description' and 'Price Group' fields.

Step 4: In the 'Discount Type' field select whether the offer triggers a new unit price or a discount (percentage or amount).

Step 5: Under the 'Lines' FastTab in the 'Type' field select whether the offer is valid for an Item, Product Group or Item Category.

Step 6:  In the 'No.' field select the corresponding number according to your choice in the 'Type' field.

This way you can create as many lines for each item, product group or item category as needed to include in the multibuy discount offer.

Using the 'Exclude' check box you can also forbid usage of the multibuy discount offer for any item, product group or item category.

Step 7: Under the 'Benefits' FastTab in the 'Min. Quantity' field set the minimum quantity of items for which the multibuy discount offer should be activated.

Step 8:  In the 'Unit Price/Disc. %/Disc. Amount' field set either the new unit price or discount (percentage or amount) according to the option selected in the 'Discount Type' field under the 'General' FastTab.

Step 9: To activate an offer click 'Enable' at the top of the window.

To edit or delete the offer firstly it should be disabled.

Under the 'Periodic Trigger' FastTab you can also set limits on the validation period for the offer.

An item can be valid in many offers. In this case you can define priority of the offers under the 'General' FastTab.

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