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Sana Commerce uses its own coupons functionality, called 'Promotions', as well as coupons functionality of LS Retail NAV. Both Sana Commerce promotions and LS Retail coupons can be used. When a customer enters the promotion code/coupon in the shopping basket firstly the promotion codes in the Sana Commerce backoffice are checked and if it is not found the coupons in LS Retail are checked.

LS Retail coupon code or barcode can be entered in the 'Promotion code' field in the shopping basket. When the coupon is applied its description and discount value will be shown:

The 'Promotion Code' Field in the Shopping Basket

The Applied LS Retail Coupon

As well as Sana Commerce promotions, LS Retail coupons can give discounts in the form of fixed amount or percentage. But unlike Sana Commerce promotions, which give discount on a total order amount only, coupons in LS Retail can be applied to one item only as well as all items in the basket.

To be able to use the LS Retail coupons the 'Promotion code' option still should be enabled in the Sana Commerce backoffice checkout settings. Otherwise, the 'Promotion code' field in the shopping basket, where the coupon can be entered, will not be present.

Sana Commerce supports store coupons and manufacturer coupons of LS Retail:

Coupon type Description
Store Coupon Store coupons are issued by the store itself and are mainly used in advertising campaigns.
Manufacturer Coupon Manufacturer coupons are issued by the manufacturer of a product in order to increase sales.

Coupons can be set up at the following location: LS Retail - Backoffice > Coupons.

Coupons can be set up per:

  • Item Variants
  • Items
  • Product Groups
  • Item Categories
  • All (every item in the webshop)
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