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Online Customer Registration

Customers can register in the web store online only if the option New customers registration is enabled in Sana Admin: Setup > Customer > Registration fields.

Here you can also manage the form that is used in the web store for customer registration. For more information, see 'Registration fields'.

When a customer registers in the web store online, he/she provides only personal contact information like name and address. All other data, like currency, invoice discounts, tax information is copied from the template customer assigned to the country in SAP Business One.

Countries that are shown in the Country list on the Creating a new account form should be configured in SAP Business One. Click: Administration > Setup > Business Partners > Countries. Make sure that for all countries that should be available in the Country list in the web store there is a Template Customer and the value of the Visible in Web Store field is set to 'Y'. Use the Business Partner Master Data to create template customers. Template customers should be predefined with data, like currency type, discounts and tax information that will be copied to the newly registered customer.


To show unit prices and inventory to the anonymous web store visitors Template Customer should be also set for a web store. In SAP Business One click: Web Store > Web Stores and set the template customer for a web store. The template customer should be created in the Business Partner Master Data.

Web Stores: Template Customer

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