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Order Processing

Quotations and orders are all part of the sales process. Sana supports all SAP Business One sales documents as well as a possibility to convert quotations into sales orders.

In SAP Business One click: Web Store > Web Stores.

The table below provides description of the order processing settings in SAP Business One.

Field Description
Order Type Select the order type. It can be a regular order or a quotation. The selected order type defines the final sales document which will be created in SAP Business One when the order is placed from the Sana Commerce web store.
Quotation promotable by default Use this option to allow/deny conversion of a quotation into a sales order without approval.

If this option is enabled and the ordering process uses quotations which can be converted into sales orders, a customer can place a quotation and convert it into a sales order directly from the Sana Commerce web store. For such quotations the Promotable Quote checkbox is selected by default in SAP Business One.

If this option is disabled a customer can convert a quotation into a sales order only when it is approved. When the quotation is placed from the Sana Commerce web store, it should be checked by the e-commerce manager in SAP Business One. After this it can be approved by selecting the Promotable Quote checkbox in the sales quotation window. When the quotation is checked and approved, the customer can convert it into the sales order directly from the web store.

In SAP Business One a quotation has an expiration date. When a quotation is created its expiration date is set to one month by default. If the quotation is not processed within the expiration period it will expire, meaning that a customer will not be able to convert it into a sales order.

To configure the ordering flow for the Sana Commerce web store you should also set up order placement and processing settings in Sana Admin.

Cancelling Sales Orders

In SAP Business One a sales manager can:
  • Cancel the entire sales order - If the sales process has been interrupted and the sales order has not yet been processed (fully or partially) to a target sales document (delivery or invoice), you can cancel it. If the sales order has been cancelled in SAP, it is not shown in the Sana web store.

  • Close the entire sales order or sales order row - When the sales order has been partially copied to a higher level sales document, you can close it but you cannot cancel it.

    You can also close the sales order rows. Those sales order rows, which are closed in SAP Business One, are crossed out on the order details page in the Sana web store. When you copy the sales order in SAP which contains the closed rows to the higher level sales document, those closed rows will not be copied and the order will be recalculated.

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