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In-site Editor

To open In-site editor in Sana Admin click: Tools > In-site editor.

The In-site editor is a tool that allows to change the content of the pages, edit the custom webstore theme, navigation and any page messages directly from the webstore in the edit mode. Page messages are text items, error messages, validation messages, text of the links and buttons, titles and headers (except for the product titles and content page headers), field names, popup descriptions and titles, alt texts of the images, buttons and input fields, etc.

Any page messages, error and validation messages that are shown in the webstore can be also managed in Sana Admin > Setup > Page elements & messages. For more information, see 'Page Elements & Messages'.

Using the In-site editor there is no need to search for a specific page message in Sana Admin to change it. You can simply open the In-site editor and change the text of any page element directly in the webstore and it will be saved. You can manage the texts of the page elements per language.

From the top bar of the In-site editor you can edit the content of the current page, edit and create page messages for the current page, edit webstore theme, when any custom theme is applied to the webstore, refresh site cache to apply the content changes and close the In-site editor.

  You may not have rights to manage some content using the In-site editor. It depends on your role within the Sana Admin system. For more information, see 'User Management'.

To change the text of any page element hover over it and you will see the button Create page message . Click on this button to change the text of the page element. The images, buttons and input fields can also have alt texts that can be changed in the same way by clicking on the Create alt text button . If the default text of the page element has been already changed the Edit page message button  is shown instead of Create page message.

  If the same page message is used in different places in the webstore it will be changed everywhere it is used.

If you changed any page message by mistake you can always revert your changes to default. When you edit the text of any page element there is a button Revert to default. It is active if the text has been changed.

Using In-site editor you can edit the entire webshop navigation as well as each navigation item individually. To manage webshop navigation hover over it and click Edit navigation  or click Edit navigation item  to edit a certain item.

In the shopping cart on the right where you can see basket details and shopping cart summary there is some demo content about payments and shipping. This is the page element with the 'CheckoutInfo_Text' text identifier. When Sana Commerce is installed use either the In-site editor or go to Setup > Page elements & messages > All texts in Sana Admin and change the content of the 'CheckoutInfo_Text' page element. If you use the In-site editor to change this page element in the shopping cart it is marked as 'Empty page message'.

On the basket and checkout pages there are few more page elements marked as 'Empty page message' when the In-site editor is opened. Using the In-site editor you can add any content to the basket and checkout pages to the places where the 'Empty page messages' are present.

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