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Integrity Check

Integrity check is a built-in tool which is used to check that the Sana Commerce application works properly. Using Integrity check the Sana Commerce installation and configuration are tested on different aspects: functionality, security, availability, connectivity.

In case of a multi-store solution each webstore is tested separately.

To check your Sana Commerce solution in Sana Admin click: Tools > Integrity check > Run integrity check.

It is recommended to run integrity check right after the Sana Commerce solution has been installed and connected to your ERP system.

Integrity check tests your webstore and server settings. It covers two areas of tests:

  • Functional: check the Sana Commerce webstore domains and providers (whether the connection between ERP and Web server is secure), configuration of the payment providers and methods, Web server encryption settings, logging configuration and SMTP settings.
  • Best practice: check the Sana Commerce webstore information and security settings and hosting.

When Integrity check has finished testing the Sana Commerce application and Web server configuration, you can see the total number of the performed checks, how many checks are completed successfully, with warnings and failed.

You can expand the Webstore and Server areas to see the status of each individual check, its description and recommendations if there are any. Each test is marked with an icon which shows whether a test is finished successfully, with a warning or failed.

Below you can also see the list of recommendations for further checking of the Sana Commerce application which can be performed only manually:

  • Check whether the connection to your ERP is configured and available (Tools > ERP connection).
    For more information, see 'ERP Connection'.
  • Check whether the server is active (Tools > Server management).
    For more information, see 'Server Management'.
  • Check whether the webstore domain is correct (Tools > Webstore domains).
    For more information, see 'Webstore Domains'.
  • Check whether you can view the log files of the scheduled tasks (Tools > Scheduled tasks).
    For more information, see 'Scheduled Tasks'.
  • Check whether you can manage the files in the File manager (Tools > File manager).
    For more information, see 'File Manager'.
  • Check whether the webstore languages are configured as required (Setup > Basics > Languages).
    For more information, see 'Basics'.
  • Check whether the product images of all sizes are shown in the webstore and on the product pages in Sana Admin.
    For more information, see 'Product Images'.
  • Check whether you have changed the demo content of the basket details and shopping cart summary.
    For more information, see the last paragraph of the 'In-site Editor' chapter.
  • Check whether the webstore is configured in your ERP system.
    How to configure the webstore in the ERP system can be found in the installation manual of the Sana Commerce add-on on top of the ERP environment.
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