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2. Uptime

The targeted application uptime is calculated on a monthly basis. This uptime is based on the availability of the application (HTTP check). No differentiation is made between the possible causes of downtime (infrastructure, DDoS attacks, internet provider, ERP, etc.).

Monthly uptime is calculated using the following formula:

2.1 Refund Amount

The customer has the right for a refund if the monthly uptime percentage is lower than the targeted uptime. The refund amount is based on the number of minutes during which the application was not available and on the monthly subscription fee. The customer is responsible for providing evidence of the actual downtime and the duration of time that the application was unavailable. Sana Commerce is allowed to disprove the claim if Sana is able to provide evidence of the application being reachable during the time frame communicated by the customer.

The refund amount is determined by:

Sana Commerce and its partners cannot be held responsible for any consequential damages nor is Sana Commerce liable in the event of being notified of the possibility of such damages. Sana Commerce and its partners also cannot be held accountable to claims from third parties.

The customer is required to actively file and pursue a claim for the refund percentage. The customer is able to file this within 14 calendar days after the end of the month in question.

Filing a claim must be done in writing. Sana Commerce will deposit the refund amount when all terms and agreements have been met, and when Sana Commerce is not able to present evidence that the application was reachable during the time frame in question.

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