Sana Commerce 9.2
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File Manager

To open file manager in Sana Admin click: Tools > File manager.

Use File manager to perform any operations with files and folders on the web server - copy, move, upload, create folders and files, rename, download and delete.

To manage the files and folders in the file manager use the toolbar and the context menu.

In Sana Admin the file manager is also used to add webstore logo and favicon, images of the menu items, shipping and payment methods. When you manage the content of any web page in Sana Admin you can also use file manager to add images to the page content or link any file.

How to change webstore icons?

All webstore icons, like shopping basket, search, icons of the buttons (arrows, delete, close, clear, etc.), warning and error icons can be easily changed using file manager.

To access all webstore icons in the File manager open the icons folder. Using File manager you can change any icon that is present in the webstore. To change any icon in the webstore you need to create the new icon with the same name and replace the original one in the icons folder.

Webstore icons requirements:

  • The file name of the icon should be the same as the source one has.
  • The extension of the icon image file should be the same as the source one has.
  • It is recommended to create a new icon of the same size as the source one has not to break the design.