Sana Commerce 9.2
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Scheduled Tasks

Scheduled tasks are used to perform some actions automatically at the background at a pre-defined time or after the specified time intervals. A web store administrator can also run a scheduled task manually, when it is necessary to synchronize and update some data.

To open scheduled tasks, in Sana Admin click: Tools > Scheduled tasks.

For more information about each scheduled task available in Sana, read the articles listed below:

On the Scheduled tasks page, you can see the status of each task, last result, last run time and next run time.

The table below provides the description of the buttons on the Scheduled tasks page:

Button Description
History You can see the history (logs) of all tasks by clicking the History button at the top of the scheduled tasks list, or see the entire history of a certain task by clicking the History button of the related task.
Start Start the task manually.

There are two options for the Product import and Customer import tasks:
  • Update index - checks whether some products or customers information has been modified in the ERP system and synchronizes the changes with Sana. This is the default action when you click Start. You must update the index, when you changed some product or customer data in the ERP system.
  • Rebuild index - retrieves all products or customers from ERP. Rebuilding the index removes the previously created index and creates the new one. You must rebuild the index only when you changed some global settings which might influence all products or customers.
Edit Set up task settings.
View log View the last log file of the task. For example, if the task has failed, you can see the reason of failure in the last log file. If any errors occur, they will be shown in a summary at the end of the scheduled task log.

Multiple tasks can run simultaneously.


By default, the scheduled tasks are installed within Sana, but it is also possible to install and use the Sana Commerce Task Service as a Windows service. For more information, see "Sana Commerce Task Service".