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License Is Fully Used


Data Interface Server (DIS)


After a DI Server crash, when trying to log in again, you receive the following the error message:

"100000007 License is fully used"


DI Server implements the Core based license model. Which means that the number of licenses is determined by the number of CPU cores available on the server where the DI Server is installed. If you have less licenses than the number of CPU cores, then the non-licensed cores will be blocked.


This problem might be due to non-allocation of the license after the DI Server crash. The DI server should automatically deallocate the license. Try to restart the DI Server and check if the problem is solved.

For more information about this error and how to solve it, see SAP notes (s-user login is required):

890591 - How does the DI Server license work

1997804 - DI Server 100000007 License is fully used

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