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Configure PayPal Checkout in Sana Admin

If you have the PayPal account and created the app in the PayPal Developer Portal, you can set up the PayPal Checkout add-on in Sana.

Step 1: In Sana Admin click: Apps > Add-ons.  Find the PayPal Checkout add-on and install it, if it is not installed yet.

Step 2: When the PayPal Checkout add-on is installed, click on the Configure button .

Step 3: Choose the appropriate payment integration mode.

There are two modes: test and live. Test mode allows to simulate the payment process as if it is a real payment and helps to make sure that everything will behave the same way when you go live. Live mode implies that a customer makes a real purchase using already configured payment service provider and payment methods.

Step 4: Enter the Client id and Secret of the app created in the PayPal Developer Portal described in the previous article.

To find the Client ID and Secret of the app, log in to the PayPal Developer Portal and go to: Dashboard > My Apps & Credentials. Click on your PayPal app name.

Step 5: PayPal supports only two-character ISO codes of the countries (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2). If in your ERP system, three-character ISO codes of the countries are used, you must map them to two-character ISO codes in the Country code map field. You must map all ISO codes of the countries that are available in your web store.

Country code mapping format: {three-character country code in ERP}|{two-character country code to use with PayPal}

If you enter several country codes, they must be separated with a ";".


For more information, see "Country and Region Codes" on the PayPal website.

When PayPal Checkout is installed and configured, you can set up the necessary payment methods in Sana Admin that are supported by PayPal Checkout.

Payment ServicesPayPal Checkout