Sana Commerce 9.3
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Performance Profiler

Sana Commerce performance profiler uses the ASP.NET mini-profiler, which is a simple, but effective tool that can be used by SDK developers to solve performance issues.

To run the performance profiler in Sana Admin click: Tools > Performance profiler. The webstore will open with a Profiler bar at the top left corner:

Performance Profiler

SDK developers can use the profiler to receive the following information:

  • Total page load latency time: from the time the request starts till the end of request.
  • Web service calls (request and response) that are executed on your ERP system.
  • Queries that are executed on the SQL database.

For instance, SDK developers can use the profiler to detect areas where the same query is executed multiple times with different parameters. Such queries are highlighted, therefore SDK developers are able to find them quickly and batch.