Sana Commerce 9.3
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Server Management

Sana Commerce provides a load balanced solution for customers with a high traffic webstore that allows to install Sana on multiple servers to increase performance and reliability.

In Sana Admin click: Tools > Server management.

On the Server management page you can see all registered servers. You can set the role of the server (Web or Worker) and its status (Active/Inactive). Multiple servers can be active simultaneously to optimize Sana infrastructure and deliver unsurpassed performance, reliability and availability.

Scheduled tasks can run on a separate server (Worker role) than the Web server (Web role) where Sana is installed on. This allows to distribute the workload across multiple servers. For more information about tasks, see "Scheduled Tasks".

The number of servers on which Sana can be installed is specified in the Sana Commerce license.

If for some reason the server is offline, for example due to some maintenance one server is replaced by another one, system administrator can remove the offline server.

It is also possible to set up auto cleanup of the offline servers in the 'web.config' file of the Sana Commerce frontend. By default it is disabled, meaning that offline servers can be removed only manually from Sana Admin. If you set the value of the "AutoCleanupServers" parameter to "true" in the "web.config" file, any server which goes offline will be automatically removed.

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