InstallationSingle Server Deployment

Single Server Deployment

Configure the Image Link Task

The 'Image Link' task reads product image information from the file system, stores this file information in the Sana Commerce SQL database and links it to the corresponding products.
The 'Image Link' task uses the Sana Commerce task scheduler (you can read more about the task scheduler in this chapter). It is configured in the task scheduler configuration section of the backoffice web.config file:
  • Open the backoffice web.config file;
  • Locate the 'sanaCommerce' configuration section;
  • Locate the 'tasks' subsection;

    <task name="ImageLink"
          type="Sana.Commerce.Tasks.ImageLink.ImageLinkTask, Sana.Commerce.Tasks.ImageLink"

  • Check the following configuration nodes and change them if needed:
    • ImageDirectory: the path to the physical directory name in the thumbnail folder of the product images ('Small' folder);
    • batchSize: the quantity of images which are handled in one batch;

      'batchSize' does not have the default value so this parameter should be specified in order to prevent the exception.

    • Interval:  the interval specifies the period (in seconds) after which the 'Image Link' task will be performed again. The interval can be changed to 'time', please read this chapter for more information.
InstallationSingle Server Deployment