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Single Server Deployment

Request a License File

The license file is required in order to be able to work with the Sana Commerce Framework. This license checks the type of implementation, the URL(s) that may be used to access to webshop(s) and backoffice and if you are using add-ons. If implementing more than one webshop you can request one license for all but you will need to specify how many webshops will use this license.

It is recommended to request this license file before you start implementing Sana Commerce. Otherwise you will not be able to see the result of your implementation work until the license has been granted. You can request a license file for Sana Commerce from Sana Commerce Community (
You will be asked to enter the following information when requesting a license:
  • The Sana Commerce version that you request the license for. If you request the license for a major version of Sana Commerce (for example v7), it will also be available for all minor and major built versions too (for example, 7.1, 7.1.1, 7.2). The license for a minor version (such as v7.1), will only support its major built versions (for instance, 7.1.1, 7.1.2);
  • The type of implementation (Live NAV Connector, SQL Provider or both);
  • If the Fashion add-on will be used;
  • The amount of webshops that will use this license;
  • Domain name of frontend and backoffice for which the license is generated. If frontend and backoffice have separate domains, be sure to enter both of them;
  • The customer's name;
  • A representing contact for this customer and the address of the customer.
Only after the request has been approved a file with the '*.license' extension can be downloaded from Sana Commerce Community. Put this file in the 'bin' folder of your frontend and backoffice directories on your production server. If a separate license file for each domain name has been received, put the Starter Site license file in the 'bin' folder of the frontend directory and the backoffice license file in the 'bin' folder of the backoffice directory.
When you plan to extend your Sana Commerce project or use new domain names, you need to request a new license file. The new file(s) should also be put in the 'bin' folder as described earlier. If the newly received license file has the same name as the 'old' file that already is stored in the 'bin' folder, you must change it. The name of the 'license' file can be given any name, but be sure not touch its extension.
When several license files are stored in the 'bin' folder, all information, which is stored in these files, is combined.
InstallationSingle Server Deployment