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Single Server Deployment

Set Rights in NAV

These steps can only be accomplished with a user that already has the Super or Security roles in the NAV administration. This is because only these users can allow access to other users. This is done in order to set NAV database administrators and continue the installation of Sana Commerce. 
Add Super role to user accounts that will use the NAV administration: 
  • Open the MS Dynamics NAV client and connect to the NAV administration with credentials that have enough rights to allow access to other users (you must have the Super or Security role). Ask your system administrator if you don't have access yourself;
  • Go to 'Tools > Security > Windows Logins' and type the windows user account (with the domain name!) in an empty row;
  • Click the 'Roles' button at the bottom, look up the 'Super' role and select it;

    Selecting a Role in NAV

  • Close the windows to finish the setup.

In order to enable database authentication for NAV with the SQL Server option, you should:

  • Create a new SQL user using the SQL Server Management Studio, select the database on the 'User Mapping' page and give this user the 'db_owner' role in the membership role list;
  • Open the NAV client;
  • Go to 'Tools > Security > Database Logins', add the SQL user in the window and give this user the 'SUPER' role ('Roles' button). Close the window.

    Specifying the 'Super' Role for the User
After this, the SQL user will be given the rights to connect to the NAV administration. You simply choose 'Database Login' instead of 'Windows Login' in the 'Authentication' dropdown in the 'Open Database' window while connecting to the NAV database.
Connecting to the NAV database 
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