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Ratings and Reviews Option

The ratings and reviews of the products can be viewed and added in the web store. 
This option can be activated from the backoffice in 'Site Configuration'.  For more information please read 'Configure_Website' chapter.
After the 'Ratings and Reviews' option is activated, the user will see the average rating and the reviews with ratings on the product detail page.
The user does not need to be registered to view or write a review.  All users of the web store can see the approved ratings and reviews of products.
The user can rate a product and write personal review using the 'Write a Review' dialog.  One user can add several reviews to the same product.
When the user adds a review the rating must be given as well.
The average ratings, which are shown on the product detail pages in the web store, are rounded up to the half of the star.
The user's rating and review will be displayed in the web shop only after they are approved.
The store administrator afterwards can approve or disapprove this rating and review using the backoffice and thus allow this information to be displayed in ratings and reviews section on the product detail page.
For more information about how to manage ratings and reviews in the backoffice, please follow this link.
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