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Link a Customer to a Sales Agent (Fashion Add-On)

In Sana Commerce - NAV Connector with Pebblestone Fashion Add-On linking a customer to the sales representative is performed differently from Sana Commerce - NAV Connector. 
Customers which are linked to a certain salesperson must be tagged with the Customer Group.
  • Open a customer card, click on the 'Fashion' tab and notice the 'Customer group' field;
  • By clicking on the arrow on the right of this field you can tag this customer with a customer group code;
  • Select the needed customer group and click 'Ok';

    Fashion Tab with the 'Customer Group' Field
  • Next go to 'Sales & Marketing -> Sales -> Setup -> Salesperson Determination';
  • Enter in the first column the customer group code and in the last column the salesperson code.

    Salesperson Determination
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