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Custom Product Navigation

Product navigation in Microsoft Dynamics NAV is organized in the two level structure: the first level is 'Item Category' and the second is 'Product Group'. Usually, the two-level navigation is enough for general use, but sometimes there are situations when more levels (sub-categories) or another navigation structure other than Item Category/Product Group is required. In this case, the 'custom' product navigation, can be used. To enable it please read this chapter in the 'Configuration' section.
The custom navigation allows the creation of many levels of navigation. The default theme used in the Starter Site currently supports three level navigation but the quantity of levels can be increased if needed.
In order to use the custom navigation the form 'SC - Navigation' is used. It is located in the 'Sana Commerce Live' menu item.
'SC - Navigation' Window
This window stores all the navigation items. Each of them has the several fields, which are described in the table below:
Name Description
Code The code of a navigation item. This is a required field.
Description The name of a navigation item, which is displayed in web store.
Visible in Webshop This check-box is used to set the visibility of a navigation item in web store.
Filter This field specifies the filter in NAV format.
 The navigation item of the first level is marked bold. Navigation items of the lower levels can be distinguished by indent on the left side in the 'Description' field.
The Structure of Custom Navigation Tree
In order to specify the level of each navigation item the 'arrow' buttons on the bottom part of the window are used. The buttons  specify the navigation level of an item while the buttons  are used to change its position in the navigation tree.
There are two possible ways of creating a new navigation item:
  • By clicking on the next empty row in the window. Each new created item will have the first level of navigation by default;

  • By pressing the 'F3' button. In this case, a new navigational item will have the same level of navigation as the item that was selected before. It will be also situated above this selected item.

The description of a navigation item can have translations to other languages. In case of selecting the language in the 'Language' dropdown in web store the description of an item will be displayed in the following language. To specify the translation for a navigation item:

  • Select the navigation item;
  • Click the 'Translations' button;
  • Select the language from the 'Language' window;
  • Add the translation;
  • Close the 'Translations' window.

    'Translations'  Windows Overview

If the 'Description' field is not specified the code of a navigation item is displayed in web store instead.

To create a filter:

  • Select a navigation item;
  • Click the  button that is displayed in the 'Filter' field. 'Navigation Filter' window will be opened;
  • Select the item field name from the list. The 'Field List' window represents all the normal and active fields that are available in the 'Items' window. The filter will be applied to this selected field;

    Several filters can be applied for one navigation item but only for different fields.

    Selecting the Item Field Name
  • Create a filter using standard NAV criteria. You can read more about the filter criteria in the NAV documentation;

    New Filter is Created
  • Close the 'SC - Navigation' window to save changes.

Custom Product Navigation in Action

'Inherit Filter From Parent' Option
For custom navigation, the option 'Inherit filter from parent' is available. It can be enabled in the 'Options' window (follow this link to know more). When this option is enabled, the navigation item from the lower level inherits filter from the navigation item of the upper level. If two navigation items have filters on the same filed, the navigation item with the filter of the lower level overrides the navigation item with the filter of the higher level.

If the option 'Inherit filter from parent' is disabled, only the filter for the navigation item of the lower level is used.

Main Navigation Code
Any product can be connected to multiple navigation items when using the custom navigation. In this case the system cannot determine which navigation path is valid on the 'Product details' page. To solve the situation a special field called 'Main navigation code' was added to the 'Item Card' (tab 'E-Commerce'). By selecting the navigation node in this field a user can clearly specify the valid navigation path for an item.

Main navigation code is also used to generate the URL for the 'Product Details' page as a direct link from pages on which the link to a product details page is available ('Shop Homepage', 'Search Page', 'Related Products' and others).

'Main Navigation Code' on the 'Item Card'

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