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Shipping Providers and Methods Configuration

A shop administrator is able to map the shipping methods configured in Sana Admin to the shipping methods in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

If the shipping method in Sana Admin is mapped to the shipping method in Microsoft Dynamics AX, then when the customer makes an order in the webshop the selected shipping method will be stored in the sales order in Dynamics AX.

To configure the shipping provider and methods in Microsoft Dynamics AX:

Step 1: Click: Inventory and warehouse management > Setup > Shipping carrier > Carrier company.

Step 2: Use the Carrier company form to set up the shipping providers.

Shipping Provider Configuration

Field Description
Carrier The name of the company that represents the shipping provider, such as FedEx.
Tracking number URL The URL of the shipping provider tracking web site.


Microsoft Dynamics AX will use this URL to track the package on a posted shipment. Microsoft Dynamics AX will substitute the replacement tags with the information which is used to track the package (e.g. '%1' is used as substitution for the automatically generated package tracking number).

In the webshop customers can see the tacking link on the order details page.

When the customer clicks on the posted shipment tracking link in the webshop the web site of the shipping provider will open and begin a search for the relevant package.

Step 3: Under the General FastTab select the miscellaneous charges.

Step 4: Under the Accounts FastTab enter information about each account that you have with the carrier.

For example, for FedEx, you might have a different account number for each warehouse location that you ship from.

Step 5: Set up Carrier IDs. To do this click: Inventory and warehouse management > Setup > Shipping carrier > Carrier IDs.

Shipping Provider ID

Step 6: Create a new record and enter the Carrier ID that identifies the shipping provider and select the Carrier company. The carrier ID is used to assign the shipping methods to the shipping provider.

Step 7: Click: Sales and marketing > Setup > Distribution > Modes of delivery.

Step 8: Use the Modes of delivery form to set up the shipping methods that the related shipping provider can offer.

Shipping Methods Configuration

Field Description
Mode of delivery The identifier of the shipping method.
Description The name of the shipping method.
Service The type of the shipping method.
Carrier ID The identifier of the shipping provider to which the shipping method should be assigned.
Carrier company The name of the shipping provider.
Account code The account code which identifies the shipping provider account number.

When the shipping providers and shipping methods are configured in Microsoft Dynamics AX, the shipping methods will be available in Sana Admin for mapping. The shipping methods retrieved from Dynamics AX for mapping will be available in the External shipping method field as the combination of Mode of delivery (shipping method) and Carrier company (shipping provider).

For more information about how to configure shipping methods in Sana Admin, see 'Shipping Methods'.

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