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Getting Started

Sana Commerce 9.2
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Finding Your Way Around

Webstore overview is the starting point for everything you do with your Sana Commerce webstore. This is the home page of the Sana Commerce administration panel that is called Sana Admin.

On the Webstore overview page you can see the most used features, ERP connection status, Sana Commerce version and license information and first use guide that contains some helpful hints on what should be configured first. These are just few steps that should be done right after Sana Commerce has been installed. You can click on any point and it will bring you to the related article on the Sana online help where you can read the detailed information.


Sana Admin has 6 main navigation items each holding different features:

  • Setup - All webstore settings are kept under the 'Setup' navigation item. Here you can enter information about your webstore, change your webstore design, create webstore navigation, and manage products, customers, ordering and marketing settings. If you are using the Sana Mobile application it can be configured and managed under 'Setup' as well.
    For more detailed information about all settings under the 'Setup' navigation item, see 'Setup'.
  • Web pages - Sana Commerce comes with several content and product page templates. Here you can manage product descriptions, create product list pages and flexi-pages, FAQ page and news items. Different content elements can be used to create diverse and fancy pages with various layouts.
    For more detailed information about each page type, see 'Web Pages'.
  • Customers - Customer specific features are located here. Under the 'Customers' navigation item you can manage shop accounts of your webstore, process ratings & reviews of the products catalog and view newsletter subscriptions.
    For more detailed information about customer specific features, see 'Customers'.
  • Promotions - Sana Commerce has built-in coupons functionality. Here you can create discount codes that give a discount on the total order amount of the shopping cart.
    For more information about discount codes and checkout offers, see 'Promotions'.
  • Sales - Sana Commerce allows to accept orders even when there is no connection to your ERP system. This allows to continue business operations without interruption, even when connection to your ERP system is not available for some reasons. Under the 'Sales' navigation item you can view and process the sales orders that are placed in the maintenance mode.
    For more information, see 'Unprocessed Orders'.
  • Tools - Sana Commerce provides different built-in tools that can help in managing your Sana webstore. Sana Admin users with different roles can find useful tools for system administration, webstore management and development.
    For more information, see 'Tools'.

No matter where you are in Sana Admin, you can use the Search box to find whatever you are looking for. Just start typing and you will see some hints which page you need to go to.

From the top bar you can open your webstore by clicking View webstore. If you have a multi-store solution you can switch between different webstores. To the right and to the left of the 'Tools' navigation item you can see the Sana version, link to the Sana online help and information about the logged in user.

Sana User GuideGetting Started