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Content Elements

Content elements can be added to flexi-pages, product and product list pages in Sana Admin.

Great content is the key to success. Use content elements to enrich your web store with original, creative and useful content.

Sana Commerce comes with a few content elements out-of-the-box:

There are also content elements which are available as add-ons that can be installed into Sana.

For more information, see "Content Elements".

The number of content elements that can be added to the page is not limited. You can also change the order of the content elements by dragging and dropping them. The content elements are shown on a page in the order they are arranged.


Starting from Sana version 9.2.1, you can center the content elements on a page or expand to the full width of a page.

You can also set up customer segments for any content element. It allows to show different content elements on the page to specific customer groups. When you set up customer segments for the content elements on the page, you can show a certain content only to the customers which are in the customer segment. All other customers will not see this content element. This way you can fill your web store with the customer-specific content.

For more information, see "Customer Segments".

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