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Affiliations are used to identify customers who are members of some group. This is useful if your store gives discounts to customers who are students or who belong to a certain age group, for example.

Affiliation can be added to a customer account. When a customer with the assigned affiliation creates a sales order in the Sana web store, the discount assigned to the affiliation is automatically added to the transaction.

You can also add affiliations with the discounts to the customer templates associated with countries. In this case a discount associated with the affiliation will be automatically applied to all customers who register online in the Sana web store. You do not need to set up them manually for each new customer. For more information, see Online Customer Registration.

Set up an affiliation and its discounts

Step 1: In Microsoft Dynamics AX click: Retail > Setup > Pricing and discounts > Price groups.

Step 2: In the Price groups form, click New to create a new price group.

Step 3: Enter a unique identifier (ID) and a descriptive name for the price group.

Step 4: Select the Retail check box if the price group is exclusively a retail price group. These price groups are only available for retail-specific discounts.

Step 5: Create a discount for the price group. You can use trade agreements, retail discounts or price adjustments.

Step 6: When the price group with the discount is created, click Retail > Setup > Pricing and discounts > Affiliations.

Step 7: In the Affiliations form click New to create a new affiliation.

Step 8: Enter the name of the affiliation and its description.

Step 9: Click Price groups.

Step 10: In the Affiliation price groups form, click Add, and then in the Price group column, select the price group with the discount that you created earlier.

Now you must assign the affiliation with its discount to a customer.

Add an affiliation to a customer

Step 1: Click: Accounts receivable > Common > Customers > All customers.

Step 2: Open the necessary customer and on the Retail tab click Affiliations.

Step 3: In the Affiliations form, in the Name field, select the affiliation you have created.

For more information about how to set up affiliations and discounts, refer to the official Microsoft Dynamics AX Guide: Setting up affiliations.

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