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Set up Retail Parameters

To use retail discounts and product assortments of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 in the Sana webshop, you need to enable retail functionality for the Sana webshop and set up the required settings.

In Microsoft Dyanmics AX click: Webshop > Common > Webshops. Select the necessary webshop and under the Retail FastTab set up retail settings.


Before enabling retail discounts make sure that the retail store and product assortments are fully setup, and Retail is initialized in the retail parameters: Retail > Setup > Parameters > Retail parameters.

The table below provides description of the Retail settings.

Field Description
Maintain retail discounts Use this option to enable/disable AX Retail functionality for the Sana webshop.
Maintain retail assortments Use this option to enable/disable retail assortments for the Sana webshop. An assortment is a collection of products that is assigned to a retail store in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

For more information, see 'Assortments'.
Store number Select a retail store. A retail store can be created at: Retail > Common > Retail stores. The retail store contains assortments and price groups that are assigned to it.
Register number Select a POS terminal. A POS terminal can be created at: Retail > Setup> POS > POS registers. The POS register contains basic information and various control fields for terminal functionality. The POS register should be assigned to a store: General > Store > Reference.
Complete call center order     Applies to: Sana 9.3.5 and higher

Retail in Microsoft Dynamics AX supports call centers as a type of retail channel. In a call center, workers take orders from customers over the phone and create sales orders.

Using the Complete call center order and Call center payment method settings, you can specify how call center orders should be processed in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

If the Complete call center order setting is enabled, then a call center order will be automatically processed in Microsoft Dynamics AX. In case this setting is disabled, then a call center order should be manually processed in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

In the Call center payment method field, you need to specify a payment method for your call center orders. The payment method is used to create a customer payment for a call center order.

For more information, see "Retail Orders".
Call center payment method
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