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Enable LS Retail Connector

LS Retail is available as an add-on and can be installed by importing the NAV objects from the LS Retail package into your Microsoft Dynamics NAV administration. The NAV objects for LS Retail can be downloaded on the Sana Community web site.

Information about how to import the NAV objects into Microsoft Dynamics NAV can be found in the 'Installation' section.

When the objects are imported into the Microsoft Dynamics NAV administration you can enable the Sana - LS Retail Connector.

To enable the LS Retail Connector:

Step 1: In Microsoft Dynamics NAV click: Departments > Webshop > Lists > Webshops.

Step 2: Open the Webshop Card and at the top click LS Retail Setup.

Sana Commerce - LS Retail Setup

Step 3: In the Sana Commerce - LS Retail Setup window, select the Enable LS Retail Connector checkbox.

Step 4: Select the store and POS terminal.

Field Description
Enable LS Retail Connector This checkbox is used to enable/disable the LS Retail Connector.
Store No. This dropdown is used to select a store. The store contains basic information such as name, address, location code.
POS Terminal No. This dropdown is used to select a POS terminal. The POS terminal contains basic information and various control fields for terminal functionality.
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